Application Requirements and Policies

Applying Section

Silent Redemption raids on the Cazic-Thule server.

Silent Redemption Leadership Team
Lisard (Lisardsings) - Scornfire (Scorneternity) - Oruatyrim (Maangina) - Spiffy - Raccoo (Ruccoo, Rencoo)

If you're interested in the guild and think you can compete, regardless of recruitment needs, please don't hesitate to submit an application. All classes open to exceptional people!

Silent Redemption Recruit Requirements
Current expansion or past high level raiding experience
Level 125 and near max AA for your class (TS and fluff not required)
Current group gear or recent expansion raid gear (Good augments relevant to your class!)
Ability to Shrink, Gate and invis
All Maps
*Very Important* Expected to maintain a raid attendance of 70% or better during the application process. (Don't bother applying if unable to meet this requirement) Silent Redemption is looking for players that want to raid!
Be an exceptional player! Show the guild why you deserve a raiding spot over others!

How recruitment works?
Our application process is 4-5 weeks sometimes longer depending on holiday etc.. This is your opportunity to show the guild that you're an exceptional player and that you deserve a raid spot over others (don't waste it). During this time you will be evaluated by the guild to determine if you are a good fit for the Raid Team. At the end of the recruit period a one week vote is held by all Full Members and you will be either voted in as a Full Member or extended for further evaluation which is an additional 4-5 weeks. where a final vote will be held with no extensions. if you do not make your 70% yes vote due to performance/attendance you will be offered membership in Silent Redemption as a Casual member to work on yourself and reapply for full member at a later date (minimum 3 months) if you choose to do so.

Loot System Overview
We use an RPP (Raid Participation Points aka DKP) Score to award loot. (Your RPP Score is calculated using RPP points (earned from raid attendance) and 30/90 day attendance.) As a recruit, items are available to you, but your priority to loot will almost always be behind that of a full member due to your RPP Score. This won't always be true though as we use a decay system that removes both earned and spent RPP over time. Thus, it truly is the more you raid, the more you earn! Full information is available under Loot Policy

Communication Tools
Discord All Full Members & Recruits are expected to be on Discord during raid time (don't need to talk, but need to listen). During the raid, we do use a number of text channels to go over all directions, mechanics and answer any questions prior to starting the event. There is also the ability to join Discord while not in game to socialize, as well as stay informed of upcoming events.

Raid Schedule
Farm Mode: Sunday 6pm - 11pm EST.
New content/progression/Beta: Sunday 6pm - 11pm EST, Monday - Saturday we start at 8pm and end at 11pm EST.  Once all new content is beaten we go into farm mode dropping down to just Sunday raiding while also taking holidays off.
As a Full Member or Recruit You are required to attend raids when you are online.

Casual Players
If you are unable to meet the Full Member requirements above, you are welcome to join us as a Casual member. As a Casual member you will have the opportunity to build your character with us, join some raids during farm season when we have openings, and apply for a Full Member position later (if your class has an opening). Reach out to any Officer or Class Leader to join. All we ask of our Casual Members is to avoid any drama. Drama bad. Drama make bad man fly. Fly bad man, fly!

Application Submission / Further Information
So, you think you have what it takes to raid with us? Then fill out our Application Form and show us what you're made of. Expect a response from Leadership usually within 3 daysResponses are sent in Discord Messages typically